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Our content creation services provide you with SEO optimized articles custom crafted for your audience.

Professional, Custom Blog Content Writing Services for Local Businesses

Consistently Post Awesome Content!

Build Brand Awareness

Your online BRAND starts with great website content that solves problems, answers questions, provides value, and engages with your prospects and customers.

“Content is KING” and “It’s all about the customer” are two mantras to live by in the online world for any local business.

Great content is the cornerstone of your online marketing efforts. Nearly all other online marketing efforts point to great content on your website that gets visitors to know, like, and trust your brand and converts them into leads, customers, and sales.

Your content is promoted on social media, thru email and SMS marketing, and thru paid advertising to GROW your audience and your business.

Google and other search engines wants continuous fresh, new content. If you want your content and website to rank in Google and elsewhere, and you keep ranking there, you need a consistent, on-schedule posting of new, highly targeted content.

Well researched, in-depth, long from content of over 1,000 words has proven to be what’s desired on every platform and has shown to rank better in search engines. ~ Kissmetrics

Our blog content creation services sky rockets your business.

Establish Authority & Create Inbound Marketing

Consistently producing high-quality, search engine optimized content to your blog is one of the most important ingredients of your online marketing plan. When done well, it will have more of your prospects finding and coming to you.

Creating new, SEO optimized, in-depth content based on highly targeted keyword topics increases the number of keywords your site ranks for and brings more traffic to your site,

Great content provides your prospects and customers with helpful information and value, and associates your brand as being an authority in your business niche.

Well researched, informative, and engaging content that targets qualified buyer traffic in your niche will bring customers to you.

This is the new world of in-bound marketing. Consumers no longer want to be called on, contacted, and sold. They want to search, learn, find value and then decide to do business with a company.

Content marketing produces inbound leads. Customers come to you!

Build Solid Relationships

Your business grows much more genuinely and with greater strength and value when you’re known as the local trusted authority in your niche. Customers have come to know, like, and trust you. They did research, consumed content, and then choose you. That’s a much more solid relationship foundation than if they came in because of a sales call, ad, or coupon.

It’s called in-bound marketing and in the age of the smartphone, it’s the most effective form of marketing for new prospects.

Provide value and you’ll receive solid long-term customer relationships, and create raving fans who will like, share, link, and recommend you to others.

The old school days of salespeople knocking on doors are over. We’re in the age of the smartphone, and of instant information.

Be seen, provide value, be useful, be helpful, provide awesome, be optimized, and your business will flourish.

Great content is the cornerstone of all online marketing.

Consistently Post Awesome Content!

The easiest way to consistently post great, journalistic, and valuable content on schedule to your website or blog is to have us do it for you.

We provide you with a complete turnkey service: we perform extensive keyword research and competitive gap analysis and then use the results to come up with article ideas that will attract your target audience.

We present several articles ideas to you.

You approve which topics get written.

We then have our team of professional English speaking content writers create and edit awesome, well-researched, journalistic content specific to your niche.

We also find and include a stock photo that applies to the topic of the post.

You get unlimited edit revisions of the content before print. (Of course you can always edit it anytime afterwards. This rarely needs to be done. We create awesome content!)

The content is targeted and written with search engine optimization in mind from beginning to end. Our research looks for popular, high-traffic topics in your niche to make sure we’re writing content that’s desired and will bring new, qualified traffic to your website.

Our custom blog content writing services will grow your traffic and sales.

Custom Blog Content Writing Service Plans

Two Plans Available – 1,000 words or 2,000 word articles created & posted from 1x to 4x per month.

Step 1. East Start

Place your order. We’ll contact you to provide us with your website address (URL), your industry niche, location, products and services, and review your high priority keywords. Then we’ll go to work researching existing keyword traffic in your niche and come up with ideas for great blog post topics that your prospects are already searching for.

Step 2. Approve Your Content

We’ll present the blog post content ideas we got from our keyword traffic research and competitive analysis. You can then choose which articles to go forward with. Then our professional writers will craft a well-written blog content article that your audience will want, enjoy, and value.

Step 3. Post to Your Website

Your choice: we can provide you an easy turnkey experience where we post the content directly to your website blog with login credentials, or we can provide you with an html format document for your web team to post.

There is NO contract. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time.
We encourage every business to stay with it for at least 3 months to start seeing good results.

1,000 Word Custom Content Writing Plans

Secure PayPal checkout. Pay with any credit card. NO PayPal account is needed.

2,000 Word Custom Content Writing Plans

Secure PayPal checkout. Pay with any credit card. NO PayPal account is needed.

Do you need a larger plan? We can customize a plan to meet any need. Contact us and we’ll create a plan perfect for your business.

Call us at 951-443-5274

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