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The art and science of staying connected to your customers by planning and creating marketing campaigns that grow customer retention and encourage repeat business, increased sales, and referrals.

SMS Text Message Marketing

Text messaging is one of the simplest and easiest ways to engage with your customers.

In 2017 over 88 percent of American’s own a smartphone according to the Pew Research Center.

And lots of those smartphone owners are starting to use text messaging…

“Trending Toward SMS: texting is the most popular use of their smartphones for 92 percent of smartphone owners.”Pew Research Center

Super Easy
Instant Opt-In and Opt-Out
Delivered Immediately
Near 100% Open Rate
High Conversion Rate
Flexible Platform
Short Messages
Grows Your Database

Downsides – SMS is not good for users to look at content at a later time or date. There’s also limits to the number of characters that can be sent (typically 160 characters).

SMS mobile text message marketing.
email marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing systems can create complex mailing lists, rules, and drip campaigns.

Emails can provide automatic downloadable digital assets like free guides, PDF’s, etc.

Emails can provide links to content on your website, social media pages, YouTube, etc.

Emails can be lengthier than texts allowing for more content to be shared.

Downsides: email open rates are at best 20 to 25 percent. So most of your customers won’t see or read them.

Tips & Suggestions

These customers opted in to your mailing list. They gave you PERMISSION to connect with them regularly. But they do NOT want to be constantly sold stuff. They want some value for their time and attention. They want deals, discounts, specials, and free content that helps them in relation to what you do and offer.

Create autoresponder sequences in your messaging. People want immediate contact when they sign up to your list. Give them just that and make sure you’ve got follow up messages set on automatic that provide them the value.

How often should you send messages? Well how often do you like to be messaged? A basic yardstick is how often do your customers come into your business? Keep it special.

Use Analytics to measure how many people open your messages, click thru any links provided, or use the discount, special, or promotion you sent. Tweaking these to get the best conversion rate optimization is the difference between success and failure (as well as providing valuable content).

Segment your lists. Do you have distinct customer categories? Seniors? Military? Etc. Create separate lists for each distinct group and send them content that’s directed to them instead of mass blanketing everyone with the same messages.

Website Push Notifications

Your website and social media pages are also a great place to provide continued value and keep your brand and messages in front of your customers to keep them coming back, sharing, and recommending your company.

Website push notifications is a service that allows visitors to your website to allow notifications to be “pushed” to their web browser to let them know when you’ve added new content to your website.

These are just like push notifications you get from mobile phone apps like Facebook, etc. only they work for websites and the message pops up in their web browser.

These are especially great for sending out time-sensitive deals, specials, or promotions, and are excellent for e-commerce sites. People who hit the “allow” button will get notified when you post new content whether they’re on your website or not. As soon as they open their browser they’ll get a notice.

Website push notifications are easier to setup then writing emails. They’re also easier for subscribers because no email is required. Your website visitors simply click the “Allow” button in the popup that shows up when they first visit your website. That’s it.

Another bonus is there’s no fake email addresses to deal with.

SMS mobile text message marketing.
facebook retargeting pixel

Retargeting Website Visitors with Facebook Pixels

Facebook can provide your business with a piece of code called a retargeting pixel, which gets embedded onto the pages of your website and when a visitor comes to your site, they get tagged by Facebook so you can later advertise to them on Facebook.

Most people who visit a website don’t do business with that company right away. They bookmark the page perhaps with intentions to return but they rarely ever do. These people had shown an interest in your products or services but then the busyness of life got in the way and they didn’t come back.

The great news is now you can “retarget” these same qualified prospects on Facebook with an ad at a later date.

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