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We GROW Leads, Sales, & Customers for Local Businesses

Our Digital Marketing Services INCREASE Your:

  • In-Store Sales
  • Online Sales
  • New Customers
  • Email & SMS Lists 
  • Business Directory Listings
  • Online Reputation
  • Online Brand
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Social Media Content
  • Local SEO Content
  • Website Traffic
  • BackLinks
  • Conversion Rates
  • Leads
Dial up your sales with smart digital marketing

Our Digital Marketing Tools:

Search Engine Optimization

Google My Business Listing
Business Directories & Citations
Reputation Management
SEO Consulting
SEO Analysis
Managed SEO
Keyword Research & Analysis
Competitor Research & Analysis
Web 2.0 Link Building

Content Creation

Video Production
Cornerstone Content Creation
Guest Posting Content
Website Design and Development
Graphics & Animation
Logo Design

Marketing & Advertising

Customer Loyalty Programs
SMS & MMS Marketing
Email Marketing
Video Marketing
Sales & Marketing Funnels
Social Media Marketing
E-commerce Websites
Online Advertising
Press Releases

Your Prospects & Customers Are Searching Google…


Does your company dominate the search engine results pages (SERP) for the keyword phrases they’re using the most?

Type in “your industry in your city” – example: “dentist in boulder co”

Do you show up in top 3 of Google Maps?

Do you show up in the organic results?

Do you stand out on the page?

Does your Yelp listing show up?

Does your business have lots of great reviews on Yelp and Google?

We solve all of those problems for you!  We use digital marketing services to GROW your local business.

We research what your prospects and customers want, create that content in video, audio, and text formats, get the content ranked, attract traffic to it, and convert them into lists, leads, sales, and customers for you.

We help you GROW your local business.

Here’s how we do it…

Google search bar
The smart phone has changed local business


Start With Google My Business


We help you claim, create, edit, optimize, and manage your listing in the free “Google My Business” Directory (a.k.a. GMB, Google Maps, Google Places). 

This is PRIME real estate and a free listing for now.

When you search Google for any local business, Google’s search results page is formatted like this currently in 2017:

  1. the top four results are ads (if there are that many)
  2. the next three positions are in Google maps directory of local businesses
  3. followed by the organic results

Showing up in the “Google Maps three-pack” can get your business lots of calls, clicks, leads, sales, and customers.

Google now also offers two powerful new features:

  1. allows searchers to SMS text your local business directly (and get on your mailing list)
  2. allows searchers to click a link to set an appointment  (a URL or 3rd party service you provide)

It is absolutely vital that your business optimize its GMB listing with your correct business name, address, and phone (NAP) and as many photos and videos it will allow. Include a backlink to your website. Keep it updated.

There are literally hundreds of these local business directories like Bing Places, Yahoo Places, Yelp, CitySearch, FourSquare, etc. Getting in and managing as many as possible helps tremendously in your local search rankings and traffic.

Getting the name, address, and phone number (NAP) listed exactly the same in each is extremely important and helps tremendously in your local search rankings.

Placing that same NAP data in local schema code on your website is important too. These tell the search engines who are, and that matching business name, address and phone number (and website URL) is being talked about all over the Internet from some high authority sites.

Adding structured data or local schema code to your website with the same NAP data as well as schema for reviews, posts, products, and more is a tremendous help in getting ranked and growing traffic.

Structured data and local schema code identify your local business and it’s reviews, content, product and services to the search engines in the language they want it in, which helps your site and content get better ranking in both the organic and maps search results pages (SERPs).

If your business has multiple locations, create a separate SEO optimized webpage on your site for each location with custom local schema code for each then add each location to your GMB and other directory listings.

You can dominate page one of Google traffic in your industry by getting your Google Maps listing ranked in top three listings as well as organically ranking with marketing videos and website content and potentially even your Yelp page.

We take care of all of this for our local business customers. See our Google My Business Plans and Pricing page.


Online Reputation Management


Online reviews have a direct influence on local search engine rankings.

Online reviews account for 13 percent of your overall ranking factor with Google’s local search according to software leader Moz local.

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends. SearchEngineLand

90% of those surveyed said positive reviews affected their buying decisions and 86% said negative reviews did.

Online reviews are also one of the first things people see in your Google Maps listing.

“50% of consumers says customer testimonial videos are helpful in making buying decisions.” Animoto

It’s pretty obvious, your online reputation needs to be a priority in your marketing plan.

It should also be obvious that providing a great buying experience to your customers is vitally important.

You can’t fake it online. Sure you can have friends, family, and employees post fake reviews but if you do bad business then bad reviews will show up and bad reviews are very bad for business.

Growing great reviews on Social Media, Google Places, Yelp, and others will create more leads, sales, and customers.

Seven out of ten customers say they’ll leave a review for a business if asked according to the Sixth Annual Local Consumer Review Survey by Bright Local.

Your website needs a reviews page where you can send new customers and ask them to share their experience with your local business. Provide direct links on that reviews page to your write-a-review pages on Google, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and other review sites that are related to your industry.

Reputation management is a process and we can help you create a plan, put it into action, and manage it.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Turn one-time customers into regulars and raving fans by creating a customer loyalty rewards program that encourages repeat business and higher sales.

Studies show existing customers spend 2/3 more and costs up to 10 times less to sell to than a new customer. ~MediaPost

Existing customers can also be encouraged to write online reviews which directly help your brand, reputation, and the search engine rankings of your website content.

A Harvard Business Review study shows that just a 5 percent increase in customer retention can lead to a 25 to 90% increase in profits.

Its’ pretty clear that spending time and money on your existing customer relationships and building your SMS and email marketing lists are essential ingredients in the recipe for a successful business in 2017 and beyond.

One of the most effective methods to retain customers, stay engaged with them, and create happy fans, is to create a customer loyalty rewards program.

We partnered with the super easy and fully automated Shoppers Loyalty Rewards Program, which provides small businesses a great customer rewards program PLUS an All-In-One marketing system with SMS, picture and video messaging (MMS), email, and social media marketing and so much more built right in.

See our Shoppers Loyalty Rewards Program for more details.

There is a ton of traffic online talking about your industry, products, and services. Find them, provider value and gain trust.

Next We Find Your Online Traffic

We go deep into keyword research to uncover the best keyword phrases people are using to find information about your industry, business, products, and services.

We filter through to discover the most common questions, problems, wants, and needs of your prospects and customers.

We ask.. we survey your customers for suggestions on what information they’d like to see.

We examine what your competitors are doing and who’s linking to them.

After that checklist and consultations with you, we select the ideal target keywords with the right traffic that will result in growing lists, leads, sales, and customers.

Go where the customers are.

Next… creating or editing your targeted content to attract some of that traffic.


Provide Value & Solve Problems

We help you create search engine optimized (SEO) cornerstone content that solves people’s problems, answers their questions, educates, and entertains.

“Content is KING” and “It’s all about the customer” are the two mantras to live by for any local business in the online world.

We create highly-targeted, high-quality video, audio, and text content that can be consumed how, when, and where your customer wants: video, audio, or text through your website, blog, social, email, sms, podcast, rss, etc.

That cornerstone content can then be promoted on social media, thru email and SMS marketing, and thru paid advertising to GROW your audience and sales.

Your online BRAND starts with great content that solves problems, answers questions, and helps your prospects and customers without them having to buy anything from you.

What value can you offer? What are the top 10 questions your customers ask? What are the top 3 problems your products or services solve? What are your top 3 warranty or service calls? We’ll help you find it.

SEO content tips, questions, guides, and answers signpost.
Responsive Mobile Website Design and Graphics & Animation

Web Design & Graphics

Your new cornerstone content needs a search engine optimized (SEO) website designed to attract and convert visitors into lists, leads, and sales.

Our website development and graphics design teams can edit and optimize your existing website or create a new one for your local business.

In either case, your newly designed website will be fully optimized with SEO content, lead magnets, marketing funnels, and calls to action to make it work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to grow your local business.

Our website design team uses Thrive and Divi themes and plugins for WordPress to create websites that are not only beautiful but designed to convert visitors into leads, sales, and customers.

Our graphics and animation team can create anything your local business may need: company logo, animated logo, icons, infographics, social media banners, etc.

Once your website and optimized content is ready and published, it’s time to promote it and drive traffic to it…

We Attract Traffic To Your Content

We can announce and share your awesome new website content to your social media channels, via sms and email marketing, press releases, industry forums, and paid advertising if applicable.

Great headlines and copy, lead magnets (free info offers), tripwires (low cost offers), and other incentives are used to attract traffic to customized landing pages on your website, social media, and YouTube channels and convert them into leads, sales, and happy customers.

Each piece of content is designed to provide great value to the visitor so they’ll come to know, like, and trust your brand and be willing to take the action you want: a phone call, walk into store, join your email or sms mailing list, buy a low-cost entry product, etc.


Increase sales with local digital marketing for small business.


Convert Traffic Into Sales


The “conversion rate” of turning visitors into phone calls, in-store visits, sms and email lists, leads, sales, and new customers is arguably the most important factor in every marketing campaign.

It’s all about growing business and return on investment (ROI).

Good conversion starts with providing in-depth, valuable content that helps visitors get to know, like, and trust your brand.

After content it’s all about design, split testing, editing, and always trying to improve.

We create and constantly test, monitor, and adjust the designs of your custom “sales and marketing funnels” to convert the highest number of visitors into new calls, leads, sales, and customers.

We use Google Analytics, Thrive analytics, heat maps, and other software to continuously test, measure, and improve the conversion rates.

The goal is always to create the most effective content and conversion funnels that grow sales and create happy customers at the best ROI possible.

Online Advertising

Do you want phone calls, store traffic, leads, sales and customers right away?

Don’t have the time or patience for search engine optimization and local seo strategies to rank your content in the organic search results and maps before producing leads and sales?

Well then you’re in luck! 

Low cost Facebook ads and sales funnels can produce immediate results! As little as $5 per day can get you started with local ads which you split-test variations and fine-tune for optimum ROI and conversion into calls, lists, store visits, and sales.

Online advertising can direct people to call your phone, join your mailing list, join your loyalty program, visit your local business, visit a landing page on your website, and more.

Facebook ads are a superb tool to zero in on a targeted and highly qualified local audience. Facebook (FB) has more detailed information on what each of us likes and dislikes than any organization in the world.

That database of FB demographics allows a small local business to run ads to a better defined and more highly qualified consumer than ever before!

You can run low-cost Facebook ads to a very highly targeted local audience that has shown likes and interest the exact industry and related people, organizations, websites, events, products, services that you’re selling.

Search results ads on Google Adwords can get you on top of local search results pages for selected keywords.

A Google Adwords campaign targets search engine results, and Facebook gives you social media advertising targeting.

Google Adwords can get you to the top of your selected keyword searches and Facebook Ads attracts the social media audience in your locally defined area.

Ads needs to draw the attention or people’s eyes and desires. Good photos and great deadlines that say what’s in it for the customer are necessary. New items, specials, coupons, discounts, etc. need to be valuable and significant enough to make the users take action. That action grows your lists, leads and sales.

Combing Facebook Ads with text-to-join coupon or loyalty programs can be highly effective in bringing in new sales and customers.

 Online Advertising
Grow-Your-Business Online

Marketing Campaigns

Creating, managing, and budgeting for an effective online marketing plan is incredibly important for every local business owner today.

Traditional advertising channels are all being replaced by new and improved online versions and they’re going ad-free.

It’s a new content marketing world now, to succeed your local business needs to excel at providing valuable content about your industry, products, and services, and design effective marketing funnels that attracts traffic and converts visitors into leads, sales, and customers.

Use smart digital marketing to GROW your local business!

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